Nowadays, as a result of irresponsible actions and attitudes of every human being who inhabit the planet we live in the most serious environmental and energy crises in history. Unfortunately, this is just making us aware of the impact. Global warming, loss of biodiversity, water, soil, and air pollution, global climate change, desertification, toxic waste generation, use of fossil fuel, exploitation of non-renewable resources and as a consequence, floods, fires and famines in many regions of the world appear to be manifestations of the irreversible destruction of nature.

SuBire knows that education is a major resource through which you can generate changes that allow us to awaken an ecological conscience. This is why SuBire takes the initiative to include in its curriculum materials and activities that arouse learner responsibility about the sustainability of our country, our community, our school, and our families. The goal is that SuBire positions itself in the state of Jalisco and internationally as an educational pioneer in "Sustainable Education".

- Implementation of permanent ecological campaigns.
- Separation of recyclable material.
- Generation of environmentally responsible companies "Green business".
- Obtainment of knowledge about agricultural technology through the farm visit during the school year.
- Links to Greenpeace through cooperation agreements, exhibitions and conferences environmentalists Greenpeace, where parents are involved "Greenpeace parents".
- Study program in sustainability through an agreement made with the University of North Texas.
- Inclusion of students in an environmental club and activities such as turtle camps.